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NY Times: Intimate Confessions Pour Out on Church’s Web Site

The on-going saga of the discussion and controversy over the OKC megachurch will probably really take off thanks to the NYT story. For the latest discussion on this blog, check out the many comments to my prior blog posts: here and here.

Also, here’s an interesting defense of the internet-heavy marketing approach of Life— 8 Lessons from My Secret. — While I don’t agree with this guy’s conclusions, I would say that he makes a better argument for his position than I’ve heard articulated elsewhere (and did touch on some of the pitfalls of this position too)

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  1. J.M.–

    Technically, it’s not a defense … it’s lessons learned … and observations I’ll use when I lead my church to use the Internet as a tool for ministry. I believe that will best help me and others, instead of just heaping negativity at them. Watching it all unfold as you have, I’ve found those observations have helped sharper my views and philosophies.

    Personally, I would not have led my church to do something like an online confessional booth like MySecret [in its initial version]. But I really appreciate how Craig has helped sharpen its purpose [with the start video] — saying essentially it’s a first step that hopefully will include confessing one’s sins (hidden, public, etc.) to Christ and having one’s sins forgiven.

    J.M., on my site I explore how the church can use [with biblical discernment] marketing and communications strategies for our mission, similar to how we use business financial practices in our church accounting office. It’s “messy” and we will make mistakes. But I’ll tell you … having experienced forgiveness and hope in Jesus Christ, I want others to know that too. And if that means using marketing strategies [as long as they don’t cheapen or detract from the Message] then I’m up for doing it. If it means one more person is exposed to the Message and Person of Christ, and finds the hope I have and is changed eternally … then I want that for them. And I’m willing to take some of those calculated, biblically faithful risks.

    Warts and all,


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