First Obama Presidential Ad

I love the line from his speech where he says that no one should go bankrupt because of medical bills. Amen to that! “I inhaled frequently” “That was the point” — I love this!

And for whatever it is worth, right now I really like Obama and Kucinich among the Democratic contenders. I’m also somewhat interested in Edwards for his stances on poverty concerns, but also am very troubled that he voted for the Iraq war (he is now against it, but one has to wonder if he changed his mind truly or for political reasons). Hillary I’m not a fan of, not only because of her vote for the Iraq war but also because she supports the flag burning amendment (I’m sorry but wanting to amend the Bill of Rights is a big deal) and because she didn’t vote against BARF (Bankruptcy Abuse Reform Fiasco).

Maybe the Greens will have a good candidate in ’08 but thus far I don’t see any that are very promising. I totally love the Green philosophy and am a proud and active Oklahoma Green party member, but I’m not at all down with where the national Green Party is going.