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Month: February 2007

Floyd may soon be vindicated! case against Landis may be in jeopardy — Possible errors by French laboratory could compromise findings that have threatened U.S. cyclist’s Tour de France victory (thanks to Mennonite Weekly Review for this link) MSNBC: Lab mishandled Landis’ urine samples — Technicians allowed improper access to alleged Tour de France doper I’m glad to […]

Daydreaming about a Teardrop trailer

  Recently a friend told me about some trailers she saw last summer while camping out in Colorado, and after having seen them online I must say that they seem like the coolest thing since sliced bread. Teardrop Trailer A teardrop trailer is a compact, lightweight, convenient travel trailer, which gets its name from […]

Cherokee to vote on kicking out Freedmen Information about the upcoming election to deny Freedmen Cherokee citizenship Information about Cherokee voter registration and absentee ballot voting This is a sad, sad situation. Seeing one group of oppressed people attack another group of oppressed people is a horrible thing. The Cherokees unfortunately and tragically participated in the enslavement of African-Americans (as […]

HPV Vaccine

  Reagan4Rushmore:Mandatory HPV vaccine in Texas I think that Rick Perry’s mandatory HPV vaccine for girls entering 6th grade is upsetting. * Parents should have the right to decide whether to give their teens this vaccine. The government should not take the place of parents. * This is a weak bow to big company and […]

Missing Molly Ivins

  I added the second article to this post on February 5, 2007 Ivins, queen of liberal commentary, dies — Austin resident battled breast cancer. Nation: Remembering Molly Ivins – by John Nichols Molly Ivins always said she wanted to write a book about the lonely experience of East Texas civil rights campaigners […] © 2015 Frontier Theme