Pictures from a trip to Austin and the Texas Hill Country, March 30-31, 2007

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately but I’ve just been pretty busy with work and other commitments. (I’ll tell more about that stuff later) I do though want to post a few of the pictures from a trip that my friend and I took down to Austin and the Texas Hill Country…

One of the “art-guitars” that you see around town in Austin (a gimmick admittedly but a good one, much like OKC’s Buffaloes, or the critters you see in lots of other towns these days)

This shot is of the Ten Thousand Villages store on South Congress (a really cool fair trade store ran by Mennonite Central Committee) — We had a blast exploring all of the neat stores on South Congress, especially Turquise Door which has some of the best Mexican folk art I have ever seen

This is a corny picture, but it is me surrounded by one of my favorite trees in the world, an ancient and huge Live Oak tree. (it is in the little park that is nestled in the center of the area where Central Market, Austin Heart Hospital and the state mental hospital are, between Guadalupe and Lamar)

This picture is of the red, white and blue Bluebonnets at Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg (I must admit that I was disappointed by the farm. It has unfortunately turned way too tourist-trappy)

This shot is one of several we took in the Hill Country, I think just north of Llano if I remember right.

OSU-OKC . . . “A better brand for education and training”

It is hard to even make a civil comment about this inane billboard. Just the first 3 words say so much, “a better brand.” OSU-OKC isn’t even trying to be subtle about the way that they have whored themselves out and turned education (once a noble pursuit) into a crass “brand” where students can be turned into even more efficient cogs for the corporate machine.

Well, here’s my suggestion for a new billboard for OSU-OKC…. “OSU-OKC, the school that has sold itself out to the highest bidder, and treats its students like they are the raw materials in a factory that creates productive and high earning citizens.”