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Month: August 2007

Tropical Storm Erin hits Oklahoma

CNN: Harrowing rescues from Oklahoma’s raging floods CNN: Amazing video of water rescues by helicopter (including 2 people who fell from the helicopter but were ok) (also see NewsOK: Rescued couple gain celebrity status) 5 Dead After Tropical Storm Moves Through State —Widespread Damage Left In Wake Of Tropical Storm Erin Tropical storm […]

Coming home

MSNBC/Newsweek: ‘Living In America’ —Our correspondent recounts the anxiety, fatigue and joy of having a loved one return from war. Aug. 17, 2007 – On any normal day, Killeen, Texas, is not the place to be. It’s a palm-size city near Austin where the Target store on the main strip is the big hangout. But […]

Thoughts regarding Gail Parker’s “Green” campaign for President State native wants your green light for presidency . . . She’s hoping by touting the light-rail issue, she might draw another name into the Green Party presidential mix — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “Michael Bloomberg would present the best opportunity for a fusion candidate to advocate very strongly for high-speed rail,” she […]

The Left and Abortion in Latin America — what lessons can we learn? Abortion Under Siege in Latin America — By Jean Friedman-Rudovsky The remarkable comeback by leftist political parties in Latin America in recent years has been accompanied by moves to roll back the region’s abortion laws, widely considered some of the world’s most restrictive. Mexico City’s leftist-dominated legislature legalized first-trimester abortions earlier this year, while […]

Harry Potter

A good friend had recommend that I should try the Harry Potter books. I was very dubious to say the least (anything loved by the masses has to suck), but now that I’m half way through the first one I must say that the books are indeed quite good, quite entertaining, quite imaginative, and just […]

Before you vote for Andrew Rice for US Senate — Ask him to change his stance on supporting anti-immigrant legislation! Rice Prepares Senate Campaign Against Inhofe Lawmaker will seek Senate seat Andrew Rice announces for OK-Sen I like many things about State Senator Andrew Rice, and I might vote for him as the better choice if all we have to choose from is him or Inhofe, but I cannot support him (and […] © 2015 Frontier Theme