I keep meaning to blog more but just haven’t had the time. Work has been way crazy busy lately, with lots of calls coming in from soldiers needing help. I’ve also been on the road a lot, mostly to Ft. Sill but also to other places (county jails and other military bases).

About half of the calls are soldiers going AWOL from Basic training or AIT (because of mental illness, physical health issues, family hardship, or just misreable that they were lied to so badly by their recruiters). The other half are soldiers who have been in longer. Some are Iraq and Afghan war veterans home on leave who don’t want to go back, some are being deployed for the second time and they don’t want to go because they know the war is bogus and they don’t want to kill innocent people, some have countless other problems.

The one commonality between almost all of the cases is that the Army has treated these soldiers horribly. They have been through hell and these soldiers know that the Army doesn’t care about them and that the hype is all lies. Not only do they see through the war (btw, these soldiers tell me that most soldiers, even those who are still obeying orders, don’t believe the war is just anymore) but they see through the whole Army. In fact, most of my clients are folks that I would say were too smart to believe the B.S. The Army tried to break their spirit and reprogram them but the Army failed (Thank God!) and these soldiers have decided to take control of their own lives.

It is frustrating though. I can only do so much. I can’t tell soldiers to break the law (even if it more moral to break the law than to do kill) and I can only do so much to help these soldiers navigate an institution that seems so bent on doing evil. — I should add that while the institution of the Army is about death and killing and evil (I’m sorry but that is how I see it), many of the people of the Army are good folks who are trying to do the best they can in a bad situation.

So anyway all I can do is keep pushing on. So anyway that’s why the blog has been taking a backseat lately. I’m sure I’ll find time to post more in the future but if I can’t that’s why.