OKVoterchoice.org: Thousands of Ballot Access Reform Petitions Submitted

Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform (OBAR) completed its 90 day initiative petition drive today by turning in about 14,000 signatures to the Secretary of State. This was below the 74,117 signatures required, but it demonstrates strong support for expanding the number of choices on the ballot. Oklahoma’s restrictive ballot laws resulted in it being the only state limited to just two choices for president in 2004.

“We know Oklahoma voters are ready for more choices. Oklahoma Democrats easily chose from nine presidential candidates in 2004, and Oklahoma Republicans will have eleven choices on Super Tuesday. Because of gerrymandered districts, half of state legislative races had only one candidate in the general election in 2006. Shouldn’t Oklahoma voters have at least two or more choices?” said Joni LeViness, OBAR Chair. . .

It is very discouraging news that the petition drive didn’t reach its goal, but truthfully this situation was rigged from the get-go. I’m beginning to wonder if there is any point in voting in Oklahoma, when the powers that be censor us like this and keep us from having more than two approved choices. Maybe it is time for civil disobedience, for voters to go into the polling place and to refuse to leave until they get to vote for who they want to vote for? I’m beginning to wonder if it will take this kind of action for us to have fair elections in Oklahoma?