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Month: February 2008

Undecided about Nader

CNN: Ralph Nader enters presidential race Nader said Thomas Jefferson believed that “when you lose your government, you’ve got to go into the electoral arena.” “A Jeffersonian revolution is needed in this country,” he said. Nader told NBC that great changes in U.S. history have come “through little parties that never won any national election.” […]

Upcoming events from the growing movement of GI resistance to the Iraq war VFP Troop Engagement Project – Ft. Stewart – Hinesville, Georgia, February 16 – 28, 2008 VFP volunteers will engage active duty soldiers at Fort Stewart Army Base in Hinesville, Georgia between February 16 and 28, 2008. The engagement will be modeled on the successful VFP Veterans’ Convoy of March 2007. The purpose of the […]

Is “abstinence only” sex ed actually causing abortions?’s reproductive rights severely limited in Oklahoma Rena’s post got me thinking about a wacky ad I’ve seen recently on TV about abstinence. Well, actually the ad itself is ok, but rather it is the website that the website is pitching that I find to be pretty ridiculous. The website itself is a pro-abstinence education […]

Obama or Clinton? Is there a difference — also thoughts for Republicans

Today’s Super Tuesday and for my Okie readers, don’t forget to vote in the primary (assuming you’re a registered Republican or Democrat). I know that Obama or Clinton are almost certain to win the Democratic nomination. Certainly they are an improvement over Bush, and would be better than the Republicans (except maybe Ron Paul… I […] © 2015 Frontier Theme