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Month: June 2008

Today’s Stunning Good news and Bad news

CNN: Stunned silence followed nuke plant implosion YONGBYON, North Korea (CNN) — North Korea blew up part of its Yongbyon nuclear plant Friday, in full view of CNN and a handful of international broadcasters invited to witness this dramatic and symbolic event. U.S. State Department official Sung Kim also attended, and called the move “a […]

A response to right-wing paranoia about Canada’s hate crime laws

No blog of significance: One of the Reasons Homosexuals Agitate for “Marriage” I’ve said for the longest time that one of the biggest reasons that homosexuals agitate for homosexual “marriage” is that it gives them a platform from which they can orchestrate efforts to shut down any criticism–to limit, in other words, the free speech […]

On the road again

I’m traveling with a friend (a delightful woman I met online, who seems like a long-lost sister) right now. She and I are in one vehicle (accompanied by 2 cats and a hedgehog), and her parents are in another car, as the whole family is moving from Illinois to Oregon. (I’m only going with them […] © 2015 Frontier Theme