Reviewed in list of Oklahoma blawgs

Terra Extraneus: The State of Law Blogging in Oklahoma, 2008: Part Two – a very kind review of this blog, and 5 other blawgs

One thing that surprises me is that there are so few blawgs in Oklahoma. If any lawyers are reading this, I can say that I highly recommend blogging. First, and foremost it is so much fun to be able to speak your mind and actually be heard.

Secondly, it is a pretty good way to drum up business. While most lawyers will be uncomfortable sharing as much of their personal lives online as I do, I’ve found that many of my clients enjoy getting to know me online before they hire me, and I have had a few clients who later have told me that it was my blog that convinced them to hire me, and not my more stuffy law firm website.

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  1. Wow, that’s a nice write up about you and JMBzine. You are very humble not to quote from it — but I will! James Matthew Branum (“JMB”) is a 30-something solo practitioner. Branum’s blog is “dedicated to non-violent revolutionary change for peace and justice in Oklahoma and the world.” Peace AND justice — quite a tall order. Branum is a Mennonite and therefore a pacifist. Branum is pretty intense, but he also has a sense of humor. His blog header proclaims: “When Jesus said love your enemies, he probably meant, ‘Don’t kill them.’”

    Branum is a prolific blogger. He has blogged about every other day since September 2003! I think it is fair to say that JMBzine is only peripherally a law blog; most of Branum’s posts are about politics and religion.

    Rod Heggy reviewed Branum’s blog in 2006. Rod didn’t agree with much, and titled his review: “A Blog to Disagree With.” I also disagree with the doctrine of Branum and his church that Jesus’s teachings preclude the military and military action. However, I have a lot of admiration for Branum, from what I can discern by reading his blog. I admire Branum for deriving his political views from his faith rather than from self-interest, and for trying to be a person who makes a difference, rather than just another person taking up space. And, of course, despite disagreements on secondary doctrines, we are brothers in Christ, and that counts for a lot to me, as I know it does to Mr. Heggy. I’m guessing Branum is a fascinating person to know, and I look forward to meeting him one of these days.

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