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Month: August 2008

Robin Long Press Coverage – Part 1

(see earlier JMBzine post: Robin Long Press Coverage – Intro) Local Colorado News Coverage The Gazette (Colorado Springs): Fort Carson deserter sentenced to 15 months in prison – by Tom Roeder …Long’s civilian attorney, James Branam, closed his part of the sentencing hearing by comparing Long to Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. “The morality […]

The Robin Long trial

The last few days have been a dizzying blur for me. I’ve been in Colorado Springs for Robin Long’s court-martial at Ft. Carson, as well as to the support IVAW’s State of the Union base tour. The trial itself was pretty intense. I was so proud of Robin and witnesses: Pete Haney (of the Colorado […]

A response to Rondi Adamson’s anti-war resister op-ed in the Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science Monitor: U.S. military deserters don’t deserve refugee status — They broke their contract. Even Canada gets that, by Rondi Adamson Also see Rondi Adamson’s blog I am disturbed beyond belief that the Monitor (an otherwise better than average national newspaper in the USA) has chosen to run such a ridiculously offensive op-ed smear […]

The lack of religious freedom in China and what it should teach us in the USA about “patriotic Christianity”

Washington Post/MSNBC: Beijing curbs religious rights — Christian activists detail harassment . . . Officially, China allows worship only at registered churches belonging to the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, a government-controlled organization of about 25 million members founded in the 1950s to free China from foreign funds and foreign influence. Beijing has about 30 official Protestant […] © 2015 Frontier Theme