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Month: October 2008

Tool of the week: Gary Sinise (aka Lt. Dan of Forrest Gump fame) shouuld enlist himself instead of being a pimp for the Army

I’m sick and tired of seeing celebrity hacks use their talents for the sake of military recruiting and propaganda. Toby Keith has made a whole career of it (and yes Toby, I’m ashamed you’re from Oklahoma) but there are two other folks that I think are worthy of public ridicule.Army Times: New recruiting ads focus […]

Mennonite Voting Tips (or “To vote or not to vote, that is the question)

I found two pretty good artiles that discuss voting from a Mennonite perspective. The first takes a pretty radical position (but one that was pretty common during much of Anabaptist history), that of non-participation in secular government. Polls Apart — Why Believers Might Conscientiously Abstain from Voting – by John D. Roth (from the conference […]

In Canada

Just wanted to let y’all know I’ll be in Canada for the next few days. My cell phone will be turned off (because roaming minutes and text messags are 49 cents!) but I’ll be checking the voice mail on my toll-free number (1-866-933-ARMY) nightly and hopefully getting to check email too. © 2015 Frontier Theme