A response to Kid Rock’s “Warrior” music video

National Guard Press release: Kid Rock, Earnhardt featured in Army Guard advertising campaign 

The new “Warrior” campaign includes music from Kid Rock and features Dale Earnhardt Jr., the National Guard-sponsored NASCAR Sprint Cup driver. Over the next two months, the “Warrior” video will appear in more than 3,000 theaters and on over 27,000 screens around the country. The video and pre-show slides will air before every movie except those rated G and PG. Lt. Gen. Clyde Vaughn, the director of the Army National Guard, said during a Aug. 20 screening that the new campaign will make an impact. “There is no doubt in my mind that we’re going to attract a lot of folks that are interested in serving,” he said. “Obviously, we think we are really, really strong in all the communities around the country based on the things we did last year. We think we have irreversible momentum right now.” Kid Rock wrote the song, “Warrior,” specifically for the Army National Guard. He was chosen for this project, because of his popularity among the 17-24 year old market and his demonstrated support of the military, said Col. Mike Jones of the Army National Guard’s strength maintenance office. “He is as real as it comes,” Jones said. “And he was unapologetic about supporting the Army National Guard recruiting program.”…     

Notice that the Guard is running the Kid Rock Commericals during PG-13 movies but say that they chose Kid Rock because of his poularity among the “17-24 year old market.” They won’t admit it, but the Guard is really after the 13-16 year olds too (otherwise, why are they showing the film during PG-13 movies?) The good news is that Mr. Rock has created a truly attrocious video (that makes Toby Keith’s crappy songs sound downright sophisticated).Here it is… 

Several things stand out about this video to me. First, notice that the supposed scene from Iraq is almost comical. The kid with the soccer ball doesn’t even vaguely look Iraqi, and in real life there’s a decent chance the kid would have got his blown off for getting that close to the convoy. And of course the US troops in the video have spotlessly clean uniforms on and aren’t bone tired and jumpy from being shot at and worrying about IED’s.And what the heck does Dale have to do with this. And have Kid Rock or Dale ever been in the military? What credbility do these clowns have? (and don’t forget that the Army National Guard has even created a special website to promote this song and its message of death) And of course the song itself is crap.

Here are the lyrics… 

Warrior So don’t tell me who’s wrong and right When liberty starts slipping away And if you ain’t gonna fight Get out of the way ‘Cause freedom ain’t so free When you breathe red, white and blue I’m giving all of myself How ’bout you? And they call me warrior They call me loyalty And they call me ready to provide relief and help, I’m Wherever you need me to be I’m an American warrior Oh I’m an American warrior Citizen Soldier Ahhhhh Yeahhhhh!Citizen Soldier I’ll never leave another behind I will never accept defeat I’m a Soldier in war Civilian in peace ‘Cause freedom ain’t so free When you breathe red, white and blue I’m giving all of myself Cause that’s what I do And they call me warrior They call me loyalty And they call me ready to provide relief and help, I’m Wherever you need me to be I’m an American warrior Citizen Soldier    


So let’s go over this line again, “So don’t tell me who’s wrong and right When liberty starts slipping away And if you ain’t gonna fight Get out of the way ‘Cause freedom ain’t so free When you breathe red, white and blue.”   

Don’t tell me who’s wrong and right? What in the world? What does he mean? Maybe I’m taking this song too seriously, but I think he is saying that he doen’t want to be bothered by the morality of the war itself (the old “my country, right or wrong, but my country), and that if he is told that “liberty is slipping away” then he’ll fight. And then he goes on to say that if you “ain’t gonna fight, get out of the way.” 

Well I’m sorry Mr. Rock, but I will get in the way. What you are teaching is straight out of the playbook of the Third Reich. The Nuremberg Priniciples say that a soldier has the right, even the obligation to resist unjust orders. And I would argue that civilians have that same obligation too. I will do my best to help soldiers get out of the Army and to encourage young people to not drink the koolaide by enlisting. And I hope my readers will do the same. Don’t just refuse to fight, but get in the way of the machinery of death. 

CPT (Christian Peacemaker Teams) has embraced this path for a long time and I think it is a good one. When I first was shown this video from a friend (an Iraq war vet who also found it troubling), I was angry beyond words. Now though, I’m almost grateful because the crassness of Kid Rock’s message really helps to prove the point. The US Army is engaged in a propaganda war against American youth and against the Iraqi people.If you think Mr. Rock’s message is wrong, I would encourage you to speak out. Especially be sure and blog about it so that when kids google search about this song, they’ll find out the truth.

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  1. This is a very good commentary and I agree with the author of this article. This kid rock WARRIOR video is total trash. The guy himself “Kid Rock” is a loadie, a loser and a total scumbag who sells records.

    It is shameful that the united states military Machine of Death is using this to pump up little kids and get them ready to go to places like IRAQ and blow up houses (Google it) Machine gun down entire families (google it) and turn the entire country into a radioactive nightmare that will last for 40 BILLION YEARS (Half life is 4.5 BILLION years) with DEPLETED URANIUM (Uranium 235/236). (GOOGLE THAT!!!)

    The military/national guard, whatever, is NOT there to “HELP” people after Hurricane Katrina, etc. They are there to isolate people, increase the death toll and confiscate lawfully owned guns Communist Russia and Nazi Germany style.

    Dead bodies floating in the water, laying on the sidewalk, covered with dirty blankets and the military is out cruising around in HumVee’s and military vehicles with automatic weapons NOT dispensing ANY kind of food or whater.

    I SAY: F.T.A.

    x Justin

  2. Your aware that your right to voice such a cowardly opinion was earned and protected by the blood of our forefathers for the last 200 or so years. Consider your self luck to be able to speak because someone blood was shed for you. I served my country proudly and if I was young enough would do so again to protect my family friends our way of life and religious beliefs and even your cowardly hide which should move to Lebanon. they would celebrate you in the streets. I’m in my late 40’s and I like Kid rock’s music.
    This is the land of the free because of the brave Mr. Barnum. people like you will destroy this land and have everyone of us that will not bend a knee in the name of Allah dead.
    I think you should move to North Korea you sound like you would fit in well with you communist anti American words of wisdom(?).

  3. Neal,

    I’m not free because blood was shed for me. I am free because God gave me free will.

    Kid Rock is a chickenhawk. If he wants to be Mr. Billy Badass “warrior” then he should join the Army himself.

    As for you, I will NEVER fight for my country. I will go to prison before I would fight. I would be killed before I would fight. So who is the coward here?

    I am proud of the many servicemembers who say “no” and face jail time and perseuction for not fighting. They are not cowards either.

  4. You critized Kid Rock for not being in the military and not knowing what he’s talking about…
    As a military brat whose father served 30 years in the military – including Iraq 2x’s… the article was written by an ignorant man who does not know what he’s talking. Stick to what you know. And go to hell!!! What the media doesn’t show is how much interactions the soldiers DO have with the children of Iraq and all the good that is going on over there.

  5. Hi Chris,

    I’m not a propaganda whore for the Army, Kid Rock is.

    As to the other stuff, I think you are missing my point. I am not dogging the American servicemembers who are doing the best they can in a bad situation. I am opposed to the military leadership that has led them to a needless war and to the organization that uses disproportionate force to accomplish its imperialist goals.

    And, as to the “good being done there,” I’ve talked to many soldiers who have told me horrific stories. And I’ve talked to Iraqi civilians. They all tell me that far more harm is being done than good in Iraq.

    We must end the war now!

  6. What you don’t understand is that being a “propaganda whore” for the U.S. Army is superior to you and your meaningless, ill-informed rants.

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