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Month: November 2008

Story from Colorado Springs on two of my recent courts-martial (Daniel Sandate & Tony Anderson)

Colorado Springs Independent: Trading uniforms— Two Fort Carson desertion trials shed light on the route from post to prison – by J. Adrian Stanley I got a real kick of how Adrian (btw, despite the spelling of her name,she’s a woman) described me in this story… James M. Branum has a Southern drawl that stretches […]

I’m a wobbly again

I let my dues lapse in the Industrial Workers of the World shortly after finishing law school (partly due to poverty and partly due to not being sure if a lawyer could be a wobbly — in other words, is my place of relative privilege as an attorney something that makes me not a worker anymore?), but […]

Speak out against Michigan man being forced to undergo electroshock therapy against his will If it’s Wednesday, then Ray Sandford is Getting Escorted from His Home for Another Forced Electroshock — Minnesota Resident Gets Involuntary Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) On A Weekly Ongoing *Outpatient* Basis. Action: How You Can Easily E-mail Minnesota Governor The past Wednesday morning after the historic USA election what were you doing? I know what […] © 2015 Frontier Theme