The People’s Forum: HR 875 The food police, criminalizing organic farming and the backyard gardener

Campaign for Liberty: HR 875 The food police, criminalizing organic farming and the backyard gardener, and violation of the 10th amendment

Red flags I found and I am sure there are more………..

* Legally binds state agriculture depts to enforcing federal guidelines effectively taking away the states power to do anything other than being food police for the federal dept.
* Effectively criminalizes organic farming but doesn’t actually use the word organic.
* Effects anyone growing food even if they are not selling it but consuming it.
* Effects anyone producing meat of any kind including wild game.
* Legislation is so broad based that every aspect of growing or producing food can be made illegal. There are no specifics which is bizarre considering how long the legislation is.
* Section 103 is almost entirely about the administrative aspect of the legislation. It will allow the appointing of officials from the factory farming corporations and lobbyists and classify them as experts and allow them to determine and interpret the legislation. Who do you think they are going to side with?
* Section 206 defines what will be considered a food production facility and what will be enforced up all food production facilities. The wording is so broad based that a backyard gardener could be fined and more.
* Section 207 requires that the state’s agriculture dept act as the food police and enforce the federal requirements. This takes away the states power and is in violation of the 10th amendment.

There are many more but by the time I got this far in the legislation I was so alarmed that I wanted to bring someone’s attention to it. (to the one person who reads my blog)

Didn’t Stalin nationalize farming methods that enabled his administration to gain control over the food supply? Didn’t Stalin use the food to control the people? Monsanto’s Dream Bill, HR 875

HR 875, was introduced by Rosa DeLauro whose husband Stanley Greenburg works for Monsanto.

The bill is monstrous on level after level – the power it would give to Monsanto, the criminalization of seed banking, the prison terms and confiscatory fines for farmers, the 24 hours GPS tracking of their animals, the easements on their property to allow for warrantless government entry, the stripping away of their property rights, the imposition by the filthy, greedy industrial side of anti-farming international “industrial” standards to independent farms – the only part of our food system that still works, the planned elimination of farmers through all these means

Here’s the letter I just sent to Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas (minority leader of the Ag committee) on the subject:

Dear Congressman Lucas,

I just found out about HR 875. I am very concerned about it, because it would mandate that state departments of agriculture would enforce federal regulations and could in turn lead to the end of organic gardening and agriculture.

The government has no business in my garden. I live on my late grandparents’ old farm and try to grow as much of my own food as possible, using sustainable and organic methods. I am afraid that HR 875 could some day lead to the government being able to regulate or even forbid me from doing this, as it defines “food production facility” very broadly, effectively meaning that a garden that grows produce for my own consumption could potentially fall under governmental regulation.

I understand that you are on the committee that will be considering this bill. Please do all you can to kill it.

James M. Branum

I also will add that I for one will be breaking this law if it passes.