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Thoughts from the closing days of Gulf War II This will probably be my last Poliblog post. I actually did […]

Information, links, and commentary that I used to post on the POLIblog are now being published at. . . Newswire […]

Website News Two things have come up recently that I have pursuaded me to make changes to how this site […]

Reader Comment I received a very passionate response (via email) to some of my recent JMBzine bloggings from my friend […]

Quote of the Day From TomPaine.com quoting the March29, 2003 edition of the NY Times: At the base camp of […]

Quote of the Day Extract from a letter by J.R.R. Tolkien to his son Christopher: 10 April 1944 I sometimes […]

The Cost of War NY Times: Pictures of the aftermath on yesterday’s cruise missle strike on working class Baghdad neighborhood. […]