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LGBT Rights in the Mennonite Church – My response to a recent letter sent out by the MCUSA Executive director on the Pink Menno movement

The following letter is my response to this letter by Jim Schrag, Executive Director of Mennonite Church USA. Dear Jim (cc: WDC Conference Minister), I am writing regarding the letter you sent regarding Convention 2009. I am the Minister of Peace & Justice at Joy Mennonite Church (Oklahoma City), but I am writing speaking only […]

Protest planned for protest of homophobia by the Grandfield High School administration and Westboro Baptist Church

From: Protest homophobic actions by Grandfield, Oklahoma High School Grandfield, OK high school teacher Debra Taylor was suspended and later forced to resign over her using the Laramie Project as part of her curriculum in her ethics class. Meanwhile, the School’s superintendant Ed Turlington has been quoted in the press as saying that the […]

From the bowels of — a special gem of bigotry posted in the comments

From: Comment #307 – Rep. Sally Kern’s ugly anti-gay speech is made public on the internet (emphasis added is my own) said… Rep. Kerns and her husband is absolutely right. We need to stamp out homosexuality indefinately. People’s bodies were designed for reproduction purposes under GOD’s standards because GOD created humans. God finds homosexuality […]

Part 1 of case documents in the case of Johnson v. Oklahoma City University, et al

This is an update to an earlier blog post. I have been reviewing the initial case documents in this case and I am stunned. I think the allegations are likely true, but if even 10% of the allegations are true, this is a horrible, horrible travesty that must be addressed. The complaint includes accounts of […] © 2015 Frontier Theme