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Category: Drug Policy

Have they no shame in Louisiana

  Chicago Tribune: Willie’s in a pickle over weed — Country star, 4 others get possession citations What a stupid turn of events in Louisiana. Has Willie Nelson ever hurt anybody by smoking weed? The only stupider than his being cited, is that fact that America is arresting hundreds of thousands each year for this […]

Legalize it!

MSNBC: Mexico: Men in border incident not soldiers — Government says they were smugglers wearing military-style uniforms This story is absolutely crazy, but what stands out to me is how silly the whole thing really is. Why doesn’t the US just legalize marijuana? It would make the border safer so that this relatively safe soft […]

Oh Canada

MSNBC: Canada’s Chretien might light up a joint — Prime minister ponders puffing pot if decriminalization legislation passes OTTAWA, Oct. 3 — Now Canadians can understand why Prime Minister Jean Chretien seems to be in such a hurry to push through a law decriminalizing marijuana. Chretien, 69, said in an interview published on Friday that […] © 2015 Frontier Theme