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A New Year

I always get self-reflective at New Year’s (even more so now that NYE is my wedding anniversary – yesterday was our 2nd anniversary!), thinking about the previous year and years. This year was a little different though, mostly because I had spent my last semester of seminary doing that through some of the writing assignments […]

Beware Mennonite Investors — MMA Praxis Mutual Funds invests in evil: Fox News, payday lenders, private prisons, and more

I currently have a very small amount of investments with the MMA Praxis mutual funds, but I don’t think I will for much longer. For my non-Mennonite readers, I should say that MMA is rooted in the mutual aid tradition, the idea that members of the faith community should take care of each other. But […]

The bailout

I don’t have time (due to client needs) to write anything of worth on the issue of the giant Wall-Street bailout that is being considered, but I will say one really obvious thing…  $700,000,000,000 – Amount of money requested for the bailout (since we have a budget deficit though, the number is much bigger because […]

Churches should follow what Jesus taught us! – We should provide sanctuary to all of the so-called “illegal” immigrants!

I’m speaking to the Christian faith community in this post, so my language and verbage is directed to that community. MSNBC/AP: Immigration treats church sanctuary delicately — Avoiding churches remains unofficial policy, former federal official says CHICAGO – Everyone knows where Flor Crisostomo lives, even the federal immigration officials who have ordered her deported to […]

My disgust with the Democratic party and so-called “liberals” over their sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton

Tulsa World/Washington Post: What I won’t miss from Democrats’ campaign – oped By Marie Cocco WASHINGTON — As the Democratic nomination contest slouches toward a close, it’s time to take stock of what I will not miss. I will not miss seeing advertisements for T-shirts that bear the slogan “Bros before Hos.” The shirts depict […] © 2015 Frontier Theme