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Soldier of Conscience to be court-martialed at Fort Hood for refusing to prepare to participate in the war in Afghanistan

Reprinted from: SOLDIER OF CONSCIENCE TO BE COURT-MARTIALED SPC VICTOR AGOSTO REFUSES DEPLOYMENT AND FACES INCARCERATION FROM ARMY   CONTACTS: James M. Branum 405-476-5620 or 866-933-2769 Cynthia Thomas 254-768-8300   SPC Victor Agosto, a Soldier stationed with 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, 69th Air Defense Artillery, Rear Detachment, is scheduled for court-martial on Aug.. 5 […]

Story from Colorado Springs on two of my recent courts-martial (Daniel Sandate & Tony Anderson)

Colorado Springs Independent: Trading uniforms— Two Fort Carson desertion trials shed light on the route from post to prison – by J. Adrian Stanley I got a real kick of how Adrian (btw, despite the spelling of her name,she’s a woman) described me in this story… James M. Branum has a Southern drawl that stretches […] © 2015 Frontier Theme