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What to do if you are questioned by the local police, FBI, etc. about community activism

I am writing this post for members and friends of the Oklahoma chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. Please feel free to share this elsewhere. I think it may be timely given recent overreaction of OKC police to peaceful protest activities against the Keystone XL Pipeline. Things to remember when being questioned by the police […]

News from the Oklahoma Food Coop

From :Oklahoma Food Coop: Press Release – for immediate use, March 4, 2013 For more information, contact Bud Scott, press liaison, at 405-445-9435, bud@okfarmandfood. Bob Waldrop may be contacted at 405-200-8155. Summary: Oklahoma Food Cooperative holds its tenth Annual Meeting, elects Bob Waldrop as President, and Patrice Whittle and Angela Kahle-Mendoza as members of the […]

A quote worth thinking about

“It was not easy to persuade our poor white and black brother and sisters to rise up. We told them that rising up, standing up, whatever the consequences, would inspire future generations. Our courage, our bravery would be remembered and copied. That has been the Indian way for centuries, since the invasions. Fight and tell […] © 2015 Frontier Theme