I am writing this post for members and friends of the Oklahoma chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. Please feel free to share this elsewhere. I think it may be timely given recent overreaction of OKC police to peaceful protest activities against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Things to remember when being questioned by the police

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1. It is legal for the police to lie to you to get you to talk. The cops will often tell people that “we are just trying to help your friend. If you can tell us what you know, your friend won’t get in trouble.” Don’t believe it.

2. But, it is illegal for you to lie to the police. And yes they can and will prosecute you for this (even though they can lie to you with impunity).

3. Thankfully it is legal to refuse to talk to the police.

4. If the police come to your door and do not have a warrant, you do not have to let them. The best thing to do is not even open the door.

5. If the police are insistent that you talk to them, tell them you need to talk to your attorney first. Ask for their business card and tell them you will have your attorney contact them. And then contact us at the Oklahoma NLG for assistance in finding an attorney.

A more detailed discussion of these issues can be found in the National Lawyers Guild brochure – You have the right to remain silent

From :Oklahoma Food Coop:

Press Release – for immediate use, March 4, 2013

For more information, contact Bud Scott, press liaison, at 405-445-9435, bud@okfarmandfood. Bob Waldrop may be contacted at 405-200-8155.


Oklahoma Food Cooperative holds its tenth Annual Meeting, elects Bob Waldrop as President, and Patrice Whittle and Angela Kahle-Mendoza as members of the Board of Directors. The Oklahoma Food Cooperative was the first Coop in the US to only sell local grown or made food and non-food items.

The Oklahoma Food Cooperative held its tenth annual meeting on March 2, 2013, at the historic ballroom of the Old Farmers Market building. Attended by members from across the state, the event began with a “Meet Greet and Eat” featuring coop producers offering samples and educational exhibits about their products and farms.

The Oklahoma Food Cooperative is the largest local food coop in the US. The 4,500+ members can choose each month from more than 4,000 grown or made in Oklahoma food and non-food items. The Cooperative operates an online order system linked with a mostly volunteer delivery system that has 48 pickup sites around the state.

The primary business of the Meeting was to elect a new president and members of the Board of Directors. Bob Waldrop, one of the founders of the organization and its first president, was elected as president. Patrice Whittle, who operates Double R Farms in Asher, and sells beef, pork, poultry, and eggs through the Coop, was elected to a three year board position. Angela Kahle-Mendoza grows fruit and vegetables and raises chickens for eggs on a farm near Newkirk.

About the Cooperative, Waldrop says, “The Oklahoma Food Cooperative offers its members the opportunity to buy safe, healthy, and nutritious food directly from Oklahoma farmers and producers. We are a grassroots economic development program re-weaving the links that once united rural and urban Oklahomans.”

The Oklahoma Food Cooperative will participate in the Farmers’ Market District Spring Fest, set for April 21st, from 11 AM to 7 PM.


Can someone out there in internet land send me a copy of the homosexual agenda? Surely one of you gays out there can send me a copy. (I’ve heard HOMOSEXUALS get a free copy when they come out of the closet, from the SECRET CONSPIRACY TO TURN YOUR KIDS GAY)

I’ve been looking for it everywhere and would love to get a bonafide copy of it. I even did a google search for it, but apparently no one has an actual copy of it.

Well except for Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern, which totally isn’t fair. Why does she get a copy of the gay agenda and I don’t? (I know, I’m not gay, but she isn’t either)

Seriously, this isn’t fair. I have lots of gay friends. Why haven’t one of you shared a copy of it with me. Why does Sally Kern get all of the fun?

I’m sure it must be a titillating read, based on how excited she is about it.

Daniel Sandate was the second known US war resister to be deported after having first fled to Canada. (I was his lead civilian legal defense attorney in his court-martial at Fort Carson) After having been convicted of desertion, he was sentenced to 8 months of confinement. He is now free and living in Oklahoma City.

I asked Daniel to write a short statement to people in both Canada and the US on the importance of supporting Kimberly Rivera and other war resisters facing deportation in Canada. (Kimberly is currently facing deportation on March 26th) He gave me permission to share what he wrote . . .

Photo of daniel sandate

My name is Daniel Sandate. I was in a sense a simple soldier in the infantry that was deployed to Iraq. When there, I was subject to IED attacks and small arms fire. Upon my return, I was still subject to these things in my mind. They never escaped me.

Within us all, there is a place that one can find solace and peace. For such soldiers as myself that relive the horrors, such a place lays in ruins. Destroyed, this refuge is still guarded in the night from what dreams may bring. Time alone can not set the cornerstone for rehabilitation; when said soldier is ignorantly shunned by the service branch of which he or she may serve, the consequences are dire and sometimes deadly..

Upon my return from Iraq, I was stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado. Having being ignored for both my physical and mental ailments, I fled to Canada. In Canada, I went into hiding to avoid being found, but mostly, I was hiding from myself and the problems that I could not shake. After a serious suicide attempt, I was found and put into the system to be returned to the US Army’s control. While in Canadian custody, I was promised by the US consolate in Canada that my mental health was “paramount”. With that promising hope, I found myself fighting to return to military custody.

Once I was handed over to the Army, I was tumbled through the nightmarish processes of the military criminal justice system. With my ailments still effecting and limiting my body and mind, I was still denied the services that are said to be available by my rights as a soldier. Denied despite the fact that I was not yet found guilty. Denied to mental health treatment by both the Army and the jail that housed me while awaiting the condemning court-martial.

Irrepairable harm has been done. The Canadian Supreme Court has already ruled that Robin Long would not suffer such harm and was. As it is, presently, I am a prime example of the Army’s failure to return quality service to the ones that do serve and have valiantly served it. I have suffered such harm. Not to malicious actions, but to apathetic necglect.

With this, I ask that you support such soldiers that are in Canada. Whether they are in hiding or fighting their appeals to be able to stay (to avoid prosecution for taking part in an illegal war). There are many reasons that a soldier runs. Like a trapped and neglected animal, a trapped and neglected soldier will run. To return a soldier (or any service member) to the impersonal machine that does not care for its own is, in my opinion wrong and morally irresponsible. Therefore I ask that those who feel the same reach out to support these soldiers in any way they can.

In summation, I ask that I be seen as an example of what happens when a soldier is kicked to the curb, so to speak, and is then punished for it. One such soldier that will face the same hardships is Kimberly Rivera. She is currently facing deportation and will be going through the same processes of custody that I had to endure.. One way that this can be avoided is if the people stand up and shine a light on these issues that are afflicting the servicemen and servicewomen and the ones around them. I call on to those with a conscience to stand up and voice their wants for radical reform to the governments that are apathetically doing these harms in the name of justice.