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Say Anything

I loathe TV (or at least what it has become today) but I really dig good movies. My recent movie watching habit of late (really since the summer) has blossomed from all of the killer deals you get at movie rental places on VHS tapes (as they start to transition to DVD… this btw reminds […]


I forgot to add one more thing to my Christmas break to-do list: see LOTR Return of the King. Here’s what MSNBC said about it: ‘Return of the King’ is the best of the trilogy — The return of Gollum and amazing battles will satisfy fans

LOTR mania in Wellington, NZ

MSNBC: ‘Return of the King’ fever grips city — New Zealand’s capital prepares for movie premiere I wish I was in Wellington for all of the fun. Heck, I wish I was in New Zealand period. As a kid I was fascinated by the country (I loved geography as a late elementary & junior high […]


Newsweek/MSNBC: Secrets of ‘The King’ — Can’t break this hobbit: Will Frodo destroy the ring? Will Aragorn wear the crown? An exclusive first look at director Peter Jackson’s exhilarating ‘Lord of the Rings’ finale, ‘The Return of the King’—and at the battles the cast waged on-screen and off — This is a very good story […]


I normally don’t do this, but I wanted to alert any of my regular readers (esp K) that I rewrote an earlier post about the movie Luther for the sake of clarity. That post seemed too important to leave unclear. I still feel with all of my being that something when I watched that movie. […] © 2015 Frontier Theme