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The folly of vengance

  CNN: Hussein executed with ‘fear in his face’ AP/Hindu Times: Execution tragic, says Vatican VATICAN CITY: The Vatican on Saturday termed the execution of the former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, “tragic.” It risked fueling revenge and new violence in Iraq. “An execution is always tragic news, reason for sadness, even in the case of […]

Saint Dorthy?

  Archdiocese of New York: ‘Saint Dorothy’? — by by Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York Thanks to the OKC Kid for sharing this article. For more information on Saint Dorothy Day (I’m not a Catholic so I don’t have to wait for her to be officially canonized. She is already a saint in […]

Good news from the Vatican

  MSNBC: Vatican excommunicates four Chinese bishops — Two had been ordained by China, not pope VATICAN CITY – The Vatican on Thursday excommunicated two bishops ordained by China’s state-controlled church without the pope’s consent, escalating tensions as the two sides explore preliminary moves toward improving ties. The Vatican also excommunicated the two bishops who […]

A great quote by Hugo Chavez about Jesus Christ

  Wikipedia: Hugo Chavez – Personal Life and Religion He [Jesus] accompanied me in difficult times, in crucial moments. So Jesus Christ is no doubt a historical figure—he was someone who rebelled, an anti-imperialist guy. He confronted the Roman Empire…. Because who might think that Jesus was a capitalist? No. Judas was the capitalist, for […] © 2015 Frontier Theme