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Pictures from the protests of Bush’s visit to OSU on May 6, 2006

January 2018
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The first shots were taken at the protest in the “Free Speech Zone” before the ceremony.

The next few pictures were taken inside the ceremony. The first shot of these shows one of the Secret Service agents working their way through the crowd.

This shot shows Air Force One landing at Vance Air Force Base in Enid (of course the crowd was cheering seeing this on the big screen)

The helicopters are the various helicopters. I’m assuming that one of these helicopters (the one that is a different model) must be armed and that the others are Marine One and then there are several decoys. I counted at least 5 helicopters in the group.

Here’s Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry introducing Dubya (bleh… one of my least favorite sleazy politicians introducing my very least favorite politician)

These next few shots show the two courageous OSU grads who walked out when Bush started talking, after the next few shots are of Bush speaking. (as you can see, I have a cheap digital camera without much of a zoom)

Bush being awarded an honorary “Doctor of Laws” decree (what a joke)…

The remaining shots were all taken at the now much-bigger protest that happened after the ceremony.

A reporter from the Univision network…

The next two shots were taken at the “illegal” protest that happened much closer to the stadium entrance. I understand that there was some harrassment of this group by the police but the protesters stood their ground and no one was arrested.

I love this girl’s sign – “Skipping the speaker for the environment”




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  1. Thanks for the great pictures!

    Will you be joining us in Duncan, OK on May 17, 2006
    as we protest Halliburton?

  2. I would like to but I have conflict with my schedule as it stands right now.

  3. Great pictures. Thank you!

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