I came across a very amazing discovery on another blog Life in Two Languages. Follow the link and scroll down to where the author talks about a man in her class who was in a paramilitary death squad in El Salvador that was trained by the School of the Americas. Reading that post reminds me of two things…

First, that the horrors that went on were real. I’ve read about what the US School of the Americas did in training assasins and masters of torture in Latin America from School of the Americas Watch, but somehow coming across this account of a man who bore the scars from this military days who was actually trained there, puts a very real face on things.

But, secondly and maybe more importantly, I am reminded that it is ALWAYS wrong to dehumanize our enemies. In reading the account, the blog author says, “…Whichever was the truth, he’s here now trying to make a better life for himself and his family. Whether he’s finally escaped a cycle of poverty and violence, or whether his new life is an attempt at redemption for his sins, he’s sitting across the table looking at me and hoping I’ll help. ” Reading this reminds me that even those we tend to revile our human beings, just like you and me. They may have done bad things, but so have we all.

Enough late night thoughts. Read the blog. It’s very compelling.