AP story that tells of the global effects of light pollution

This story seems incredibly sad to me. So often, I’ve experienced the purest of epiphanies when staring at a star-scattered sky. Right now, my mind goes back to a late night of driving west on I-40 in New Mexico. I was between the Texas State line and Tucumcari and really needed to take a leak.

Finally I gave up in looking for a convenience store on the lonely highway and pulled off the side of the road. After taking care of business, I looked up at the sky and I was blown away. In this most mundane and even human of moments, God met me. The sky was so beautiful and it seemed as the stars were beyond numbering.

I ended up sitting on the hood of my old car quite awhile, staring into the cosmos. As I was mesmorized by the sky, my eyes woke up and I began to see even more and more stars. It was as if there layers and layers of stars that were coming out of hiding.

Never in my life have I experienced anything like that night.