Also via Blogdex I found an incredible interview with the greatest writer of the 20th Century, Ray Bradbury

Here are some of the juiciest quotes from the interview:

    Q: What do you think of President Bush?

    A: He’s wonderful. We needed him. Clinton is a shithead and we’re glad to be rid of him. And I’m not talking about his sexual exploits. I think we have a chance to do something about education, very important. We should have done it years ago. It doesn’t matter who does it — Democrats or Republicans — but it’s long overdue. Our education system is a monstrosity. We need to go back and rebuild kindergarten and first grade and teach reading and writing to everybody, all colors, and then the whole structure of our education will change because people will know how to read and write.

    Q: There’s so much competition for a young person’s attention nowadays. For the record, why is reading still important?

    A: Are you kidding? You can’t have a civilization without that, can you? If you can’t read and write you can’t think. Your thoughts are dispersed if you don’t know how to read and write. You’ve got to be able to look at your thoughts on paper and discover what a fool you were.

    Q:I was surprised you said in your Playboy interview that corporations were the only way to revitalize impoverished communities.

    A: Well that’s true. They’ve got the money; nobody else has it. People like myself know the secret of cities and how to build them. I give these ideas to corporations and they build them and they revitalize sections of cities — like Century City [in Los Angeles]. But I’ve had to tell them numerous times over the past few years to build it in human terms. Hollywood Boulevard needs to be torn down and rebuilt completely in terms of human beings. Right now, it’s completely dead.

    Q: What do you mean “in human terms”?

    A: Places to eat. The secret of cities is eating. In Paris there are 20,000 restaurants. You go down Main Street, people are sitting out and people-watching — that’s what I’m talking about.

I’ll check out more links on Ray Bradbury and post them here later, but for now here’s a listing of Bradbury sites at