A couple of thoughts from over the weekend…

  • It was so strange on Friday night to look up in the sky and see an airliner flying overhead.
  • Lots of national pride in this area which is very cool. Wal-mart has sold out of US flags and at least every fourt car has a flag on its antenna. Of course I wonder what it really means? I certainly am proud of those who sacrificed their lives in the rescue attempts and the way our country has pulled together to care for those hurt, BUT I hope this pride doesn’t turn into jingoism.
  • Redneck bigots are getting on my nerves. Friday night at work (I work as a pedi-cab driver I had a passenger tell me, “If you were a Pakistani I would kick your ***” I just about lost it on him and feel bad about yelling at him, however I am really, really upset about the racism that is showing its ugly head around here.