www.jish.nu is a beautiful thoughtful blog.

BTW, here is a sad, sad story I found on Jish.nu:

Australian stabbed saving Indian friend, in San Francisco:

Sean Fernandes and Robin Clarke were out night clubbing in the SOMA (South of the Market) district of San Francisco when they were attacked by a group of men . . .

“Robin asked why he was hitting us, and he said, ‘Because your friend is a fucking Arab and you are a white nigger lover’ … I started yelling, ‘I am not an Arab, I am not an Arab,’ but he would not listen. Eventually someone kicked me in the back. I realized talking wasn’t helping, so I joined in the fight. … I pulled off (Robin’s) jacket and there was a hole in his upper stomach, and there was blood pumping out … San Francisco is one of the most tolerant and diverse cities in the entire country. I was completely shocked that it could happen out here.”

It looks to me like the terrorists suceeded and this country is on straight ticket to hell. If we keep attacking our own people, we will destroy the very things that make this country great. America once upon a time was a land of tolerance, but I guess that dream is gone now.