According to MSNBC the “U.S. Air Force has frozen nearly all discharges and retirements for at least the next 30 days . . . The move came as the Pentagon proceeded with its biggest mobilization since the 1991 Persian Gulf War, with bombers, fighter jets and support aircraft in the forefront.”

If you’re thinking of joining the service, think twice. This last news item is proof that recruiters lie to meet their quotas! Think you’re only enlisting for four years? Think again. That’s four years of active duty, but if you read the fine print they have your butt for four more years in the reserves, which means they might decide to “delay your discharge” if there is a war going on. Suddenly the four years turns into eight and you don’t have any say about it. (If you find yourself in this situation, talk to the folks at The Center for Conscience and War as they have trained counselors who may be able to advice you on getting out of your military hitch by going through the proper channels.)