Day: October 11, 2001

Blather reports that “Rep. J.C. Watts, an Oklahoma Republican who supports tighter airport security, has apologized after — there’s just […]

From TAMU Extension Service: Texas Fall Gardening Guide Now that the LSAT is over, I’m starting work on my fall […]

Just found out about the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) Here’s their statement on the recent events… […]

The Daily Telegraph of the UK reports: IRAQ, which yesterday shot down an unmanned American aircraft in the “no-fly zone”, […]

This is interesting… In reading the NY Times today, there is a huge contradiction. First (as I quoted earlier) in […]

The American war against Afghanistan has entered its 5th day. It appears that there is now an escalation of hostilities […]

Here are some interesting stats from today’s NY Times on Canada’s health care system… Life expectancy at birth (male/female) US: […]