Well my most avid reader, “Bob Jones” has posted a very thoughtful response to an earlier post (one concerning the networks censorship of bin Laden’s video clips) on my guestbook. Most notably, Bob said I needed to read a story on MSNBC.com on this. After reading it, I think I should clarify a few things….

Its not the decision to not air the tapes which bothers me. If I was an editor for MSNBC or one of the other networks, I could very easily make the same decision. However, what does bother me is the way that the Bush administration was “leaning” on the network executives to make the decision. The issue is whether the media is truly independent or is merely a lapdog for the government. I should have made this point more clear.

Now, as to another issue brought up in the MSNBC story, I do think it is wrong for news broadcasters to wear flag lapel pins. If they are editorializing, fine they can wear red, white, and blue underwear if they want, but if they’re presenting straight news, wearing flag pins is showing their bias.

The “patriotic duty” of the press is to be truly independent, to question what the government is doing, and to be the watch-dog for the people. There have been plenty of examples of this happening (read my last post on the LA Times story for example) which I am very proud of.

Thanks again Bob for posting your thoughts. Also, for you and anyone else who wants to tell me what you think about my posts I’ve added a new comment link for each of my posts. Please feel free to post what you think in the comments area.