I got to see Madison Greene live in Austin last night! It was a glorious show, but I’ll have to tell about it later when I have more time. I’m actually in Oklahoma now for a couple of days (drove from Texas overnight) as my grandpa has taken a turn for the worse. It sounds like he doesn’t have much time left so I thought I had better make a quick trip home. Please keep him (his name is Lawrence) in your prayers that he would have peace in his last days. I know he is looking forward to seeing his wife again (they were married for 69 years until she passed on about a year ago), but I also know there are some fears there. It is so sad to me that one can live all your life for the Lord, but in the end be fearful that you might have failed in some way. I think that is the greatest tragedy of legalism. I know God is waiting to welcome my Grandpa into heaven, I just wish that my Grandpa could be reassured His heavenly Father is waiting at the gate to let him in.