OK, here are my ballot recommendations for tomorrow’s Texas Constitutional Amendment election: (ballot descriptions taken from the Austin A-S)

    Proposition 1: To clear land titles in Bastrop County by releasing the state’s claim to land long held by individuals.

    Yes – This goes back to a surveying error from hundreds of years ago, and should be settled in the landholders’ favor.

    Proposition 2: To let the state issue $175 million in bonds to assist border counties that carry out road projects in “colonias,” or substandard neighborhoods.

    Yes – The colonias have been neglected for too long.

    Proposition 3: To allow a property tax exemption for cocoa and green coffee held in Harris County. No.

    Yes – This would enable Houston to become one of only a few US cities who are centers for coffee trading and roasting.

    Proposition 4: To increase the term of the state’s firefighters’ pension commissioner.

    Yes – but who really cares. My understanding is that this position will be abolished soon anyway.

    Proposition 5: To allow cities to donate used firefighting equipment to foreign countries.


    Proposition 6: To require a special session to appoint presidential electors when a presidential election is in doubt.

    Absolutely not – This sounds like a creepy way for the state legislature to come in and change the outcome of an election by calling it “in doubt.”

    Proposition 7: To authorize $500 million in bonds for veterans housing loans and cemeteries.


    Proposition 8: To authorize $850 million in bonds for repairs and equipment at state schools, prisons, parks, military operations and research facilities.

    Yes – I have mixed feelings about this one. I hate seeing more money spent on prisons, but since this bond proposal focuses on facility repairs and equipment, and not new prisons then I support it.

    Proposition 9: To omit special legislative elections in which a candidate is unopposed.

    No – if for no other reason to embarrass the people of the state about how lazy and pathetic they are in not insuring that every election is contested. I think every citizen of this country should run for office at least once.

    Proposition 10: To allow a property tax exemption for goods in transit and stored temporarily in the state.


    Proposition 11: To allow a school teacher to receive pay while serving on a local governing board.


    Proposition 12: To eliminate obsolete and redundant parts of the Constitution — a general clean-up proposal.

    A tentative Yes – (I want to find out more on what this entails.)

    Proposition 13: To allow school districts to donate old school buildings for historic preservation.


    Proposition 14: To allow a property tax exemption on travel trailers.

    Yes – This one is important if Texas wants to continue receiving the dollars spent by Winter Texans in RVs.

    Proposition 15: To create a highway bond funds and authorize spending on toll roads.

    Tentative yes – but I want to think on this some more before I vote on it tomorrow.

    Proposition 16: To shorten the waiting period for home improvement liens and allow homestead liens for manufactured homes.

    No – This is a creepy way to let scumbag lenders take away peoples’ homes.

    Proposition 17: To settle land-title disputes between the state and private landowners. The proposal would avoid repeated voting, as in the Bastrop County case covered by Proposition 1, each time a title problem is discovered.


    Proposition 18: To consolidate and standardize court fees.

    Not sure on this one, I’ll wait until I get to read the actual ballot language to decide on this one.

    Proposition 19: To authorize $2 billion in bonds for state water projects under the Texas Water Development Board.


Ok, those are my thoughts. Feel free to post yours in the comment link below…