Latest News of Note:

  • AP: Hamas Pledges Revenge for Killing – Israel has gone too far this time. Regretably the US has set the precedent that vengeance is the solution to terrorism, so we have no credibility to speak against the Israeli assasinations.
  • NY Times: Surrender of Taliban Begins at Kunduz
  • NY Times: Legal Powers Are Expanded in Bush Plan

      As Pentagon officials begin designing military tribunals for suspected terrorists, they are considering the possibility of trials on ships at sea or on United States installations, like the naval base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. The proceedings promise to be swift and largely secret, with one military officer saying that the release of information might be limited to the barest facts, like the defendant’s name and sentence. Transcripts of the proceedings, this officer said, could be kept from public view for years, perhaps decades…
  • NY Times: Swept Up in a Dragnet, Hundreds Sit in Custody and Ask, ‘Why?’ – It looks like the US won it’s “war against terrorism” but lost its intergrity and protection of civil liberties to do it. Once upon a time, the US protected the rights of all criminal suspects. Our nation wasn’t perfect, but most of the time the accused were considered innoucent until proven guilty in a fair trial.

    Those days are long past. In just a few months, we now have secret military trials, no freedom to speak to your attorney in confidence, detention of imigrants for unlimited amounts of time, mandatory spying by private businesses on customers who pay with cash, and in general a lack of respect for civil liberties.

    What I want to know is, what in the **** was the US fighting for?! It sure doesn’t look like it was the principles of the liberty and justice, or we wouldn’t be sacrificing them so easily.