WWW Reviews:

Today (via a micro-ad on Blogger) I found Newsrack.

Newsrack is a very useful listing of media sources, that includes a well-written news/opinion blog similiar to what I am trying to do with JMBzine.com.

I do not agree with the author on many points (He is way too pro-war for my tastes.) but I recommend him to my readers. His views (even when I disagree with them) are very well thought-out, and I appreciate his inclusion of European news sources.

I do have two suggestions for Newsrack. One, I would redesign the site. The standard Blogger template is kinda boring to me; and second I would get a domain name. The content for Newsrack is so good, it really should have it’s own domain name. (especially since you get them for $15 at Directnic.net)