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NY Times: Hunks and Brutes by Maureen Dowd

Here is an interesting excerpt…

    Mrs. Bush hit that note again yesterday, meeting at the White House with 11 women exiled from Afghanistan. “I hope that one principle of that new government will be human rights, and that includes the rights of women and children,” she said.

    The first lady was asked by Charlie Gibson on “Good Morning America” why the administration wasn’t pressing Saudi Arabia to give women the right to drive and Kuwait to give women the right to vote.

    “Well, at least one good thing is that women are educated in that country, and we all know how important education is for the success of any country,” she replied.

    Just because you can recite Shakespeare to yourself in the back seat of the car doesn’t make being relegated there any easier.

    If the U.S. can bomb a path to victory for the Northern Alliance, we can lay down some terms for what women can attain in the new Afghanistan. And if the U.S. can go to war to protect Saudi Arabia and liberate Kuwait, we can move up the bar a notch for women there, too.

    So why on earth don’t we?

Am I the only one who thinks that Laura Bush’s stand for the Afghani women is hypocrisy unless she is willing to speak against the Saudi & Kuwai abuse of womens’ rights?