En route back to San Marcos, I made a quick stop at the farm. It was a bitter cold (high 20’s Fahrenheit), windy, and there were the first snow flakes falling of the year.

I set out food & water for Banjo (the dog), watered my recently planted seeds, picked up some of my Grandpa’s old Organic Gardening magazines that were left in the house, and then headed southward.

From there on the snow began to pile up and within 10 miles the conditions were rather treacherous. I kept on driving to Lawton where I stopped at Cracker Barrel for a break of coffee, Biscuits & Gravy w. sausage, & hashbrown casserole. After that I drove across the red river and in to Wichita Falls to the Super Wal-mart to get a stocking hat, and then southward. I didn’t have any problems as long as I kept the speed to 25-25 mph, but many other people tried to go too fast and ended up in the ditch. (Including a Channel 6 vehicle from Wichita Falls that almost hit me when they went out of control, and another vehicle driven by a reckless driver who tried to pass me on a hill.)

The snow turned into sleet around Jacksboro, and disappeared by the time I reached Mineral Wells. I made it to San Marcos around 1 a.m.

Check back here December 17th when I move for good to the farm from San Marcos.