One other point on the last topic… the quote you gave Aaron says that “Civil liberties are not absolute rights. They must be balanced against the public safefy.”

I agree to the first sentence. Civil liberties are not absolute because of the word “civil.” These are rights we have because the government gives them to us (as in the Bill of Rights and other laws) These rights are by nature limited because the government can amend the Consitution and take away those rights.

HOWEVER, human rights come from God. Human rights are absolute. The rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” can not be denied… well than CAN be denied, but those who would do so are against God Himself.

Also, there is overlap between human rights and civil liberties (For instance free speech).

Now as to the initial line that civil liberties should be balanced against public safety, to an extent that is correct. One can not scream “fire” in a crowded movie theatre, one can not commit acts that are intended to intimdate others from exercising their civil libertie, etc. However, those limits are extremely restricted and are limited to protecting the rights of others. Certainly there are occasions when rights are limited for a limited period of time in extreme situations (I.e. your right to drive on a public street through a neighborhood is curtailed if a tornado just went through there) BUT this can not be used as an excuse to stifle dissent as was the case during WWI when you could be imprisoned for speaking against the war or the draft. During WWI my very website ( would land me in jail. That is wrong.

Laws are limited to protect liberty, not the other way around.