Latest news of note:

  • MSNBC: Senate heats up the grill for Ashcroft
  • NY Times: Ashcroft Appears Before Senate to Defend Tactics
      On the subject of the previous two linked stories, I’ve been catching part of fascist AG John Ashcroft’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. In the part that I saw, Senator Thurmond gave his pathetic unconditional support for Ashcroft, Senator Leahy ask tough questions and not let Ashcroft get away with any B.S., and Senator Kennedy grill Ashcroft on why his Injustice department is denying the FBI access to firearms purchase records (Ashcroft says he is just following the letter of the law. Yeah, right.) and also tried to get him to say if he would support a change in the law. Ashcroft being the weasel that he is dodged the second question.

      I’m glad that the Senate is bringing this to the forefront, but sadly it looks like there is little that can be done to stop it.

  • NY Times: Middle East Detainee Conducts Hunger Strike
      WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 — The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups sued in Federal District Court here today to force Attorney General John Ashcroft to disclose the names of the 553 people held in custody on immigration violations.

      Mr. Ashcroft has refused to list the names, citing several reasons, including saying it would help Osama bin Laden learn whether his operatives had been detained.