Before I start posting new items, here are two journal entries that I wrote offline while I was sans-internet at the farm.

I’ll start with the more recent one. It was from Dec. 23rd (I think, not sure on the date) when I was driving to Lawton to do some Christmas shopping. Enroute, I saw a sign for “Ft. Sill National Cemetary, 3 miles.” I thought maybe that was where Geronimo’s grave could be found so I followed the sign. When I got there though, I found out that Geronimo was buried some place else on the base as this was a fairly new national cemetary.

So, I kept on driving and came to the most beautiful vista. The road I was on was a section line road on high ground a few miles East of the H.E. Bailey Turnkpike. To the west, there was a large valley that the turnpike ran through and a few miles west of the highway the Wichita Mountains.

I was amazed at the beauty of the spot, so I stopped my car for a moment and jotted down these words…

Golden sun setting over the Wichita Mountains,

Tinting the grass a coppery glow.

Down lower there is a valley (undiscipherable word)

Green winter wheat,

and on the close horizon are trhe peaks of the Wichitas,

as the big brother, Mt. Scott presides over them all.

Thest sky is completely clear and is bathed in soft hues.

The second journal post is dated Tuesday, December 18: I arrived last night. Cold and in the 30’s. Coyotes howling across the way, Banjo seemed happy to see me. Stars were breathtaking. I started unpacking my vehicle before bed.

This morning it is bright and clear but windy. I finished unloading the vehicle, but have a long ways to go in unpacking.