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  • I want to alert my regular readers that I am making a format change in JMBzine. In the past I separated Opinion and News stories. I am finding more and more that the line between the two is very blurry, especially when the news story is a feature story or is an analysis piece.

    So, from now on all opinion and news items will be grouped together under the heading “News and Opinions.” Remember, the same warning applies… I don’t neccesarily agree with all views expressed in these stories. I often display my own bias in picking stories, but I also pick items from time to time that I disagree with because of their thought-provocation value.

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News & Opinions:


  • CS Monitor – New ‘Treeless version’

      Now you can enjoy the rich visual cues of a real newspaper on your computer. Using Adobe┬« Acrobat┬« Reader, you can download, read and, if you like, print exact digital replicas of the Monitor’s paper edition. You can download today’s issue, recent issues, or special issues.

    The best part about this, is that it is FREE! It is so nice to be able to download the entire print edition of the CS Monitor (fairly small download, averages 2-3 MB) and print it at home. I just wish the NY Times had this feature. (well they do, but they charge 65 cents an issue for it, and it doesn’t work on dial-up modems.)

  • I discovered this magazine from an ad in the CS Monitor today. Here are a few quotes about the publication:

    “Offends leftists, appalls conservatives” – Columbus Dispatch

    “Reason is dictating the libertarian spin, emphasizing choice as the key difference between libertarians and control freaks.” — The Village Voice

    Interesting enough, it’s even endorsed by none other than Rush Limbaugh, John Stosell of ABC, and the President of the ACLU. Reading through it, I can see why. I am definitely subscribing.