OKay. Since it has been nearly two months since anyone has posted to this blog, and since James’s question still stands, I figure I’ll just go out on a plank here and post and answer to the question: “Who do you think are the 5 best , and the 5 worst US Presidents?”

Here is my reply. I feel that this question is a very difficult question to ask, and I honestly do not feel that I know enough “history” to answer it to the best of my ability. However the question has been asked, and I do indeed study history, so I will make an attempt to at least guess at the best five Presidents, and the worst five Presidents. Of course any reader of this blog needs to realize that I am very bias. Not only due to my political and religious beliefs, but also due to my recent readings. I have recently studied several presidents deeply by reading biographys of the presidents that interest me. SO obviously I am sure I am swayed by the fact that I may simply know more about one president than another.

Okay here goes:

The top five presidents in NO PARTICULAR ORDER are:

Theodore Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt

Thomas Jefferson

George Washington

and of course Abraham Lincoln

The Worst are:

Andrew Jackson

George Washington

Rutherford B. Hayes

Gerald Ford

Ulysses S. Grant

—oh yeah one more bad president: Hillary Clinton.. hahahahha