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  • MSNBC/Wash Post: U.S. builds presence in central Asia — New Kyrgyzstan base suggests military wants a foothold

    First, I do think it is a coup for us to get this installation at this particular location. Having a full scale military installation 300 miles from China is a major asset for us. China is America’s most serious military threat, so this is the equivilant of what Russia did when they put missles in Cuba.

    However, this story also concerns me because it would confirm the report that I have received from my own unnamed sources… that the US is preparing to make major military move against Iran. Unless there is hard evidence that Iran is developing nuclear/chemical/biological weapons (and if they truly are, and not just making aspirin, then a surgical military strike as the Israelis did to Iraq in the 80’s might be in order), then this is stupid. Iran is actually making moves towards democracy right now. A military invasion could set this country back by decades. (To say nothing of the cost in American and Iranian lives.)

    I think before we start attacking Iran and Iraq, we need to pay attention to more serious violators of human rights abuses, like China and Saudi Arabia.