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    The entire situation in the Middle East continues to degrade. The Palestinians may have the moral supperiority of being the original inhabitants of the land, but they are squandering that position with their continued attacks on civilian targets. The truth is that war is hell, but not just for one side. A Washington Post/MSNBC story makes it very clear, that the Israelis might have Arafat isolated, but the Palestinians vow to even the playing field. In the words of Mohammed Dahlan (the Palestinian security chief in the Gaza Strip), “If Sharon wants to take Arafat and us into hell, I promise you that we will take Sharon into hell with us.”

    Here is the dilemna. Israel will never have peace and security through war, and Palestine will never have liberty through war. The ONLY answer is to lay down the arms. One side has to have the guts to do it first, but it must be done.

    And the same thing applies to us. We will never have peace until we quit waging war and quit arming other nations. We must quit giving the Israelis (and every other oppressive regime in the world) weapons. America has the blood of both Israelis and Palestinians on our hands.