Website News:

    This is a heads-up message for my regular readers. I am instituting a major format change for Instead of posting all blog posts to one blog as I have done in the past, I am breaking the site up into 3 thematic blogs. The new JMBzine sections will be:

    • JMBzine: Culture – Links and commentary concerning music, visual art, travel, social commentary, and spirituality

    • JMBzine: Politics – Links and commentary concerning political developments with an emphasis on human rights, alternative politics, and local issues in Oklahoma & Texas

    • JMBzine: Random – Everything that doesn’t fit in the above sections will go here, along with my meandering scribblings about my life and current emotional status. 😉

    I should have these new thematic blogs up and running in the next day or two, so stay tuned. (Also, over time the various sections will feature different permanant links on the side columns of the pages.)