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  • Jerusalem IMC: Life here has totally stopped; it’s dead – This is one of the most compelling reports I have read of the events in Ramallah. Reading it I am struck with the fact that the Israelis are repeating history, except they’ve swapped roles. 60 years ago they were the victims of fascists who committed some of the world’s worst attrocities against mankind, the holocaust. Today, the Israelis are the fascists. Read the account above again and tell me that they’re not acting like the Nazis they hate so much.

    Yet, finger pointing will not bring peace or freedom. The Palestinians may be justified in fighting for their freedom, but such “justification” will not bring freedom. Sadly we Americans have armed Israel too well, so there is no hope of military victory for the Palestinians. (even if their muslim brothers support them, they would still lose to the the fascist state of Israel.)

    True liberation can only come through non-violent resistance.

  • Here are the latest updates from the Jerusalem IMC:
      1545: An ambulance has just come under fire in Ramallah trying to get around IDF tanks and internationals and medical staff were told over a loudspeaker to stay inside the hospital and then the IDF proceeded to open live fire on the hospital. A CBS news television crew was forcibly escorted out of Ramallah by the IDF. As a result, the remaining news crews in the area are concerned that they too may be expelled from the area, a concern which is affecting their ability to cover breaking news to the best of their ability.

      1255:The one aid truck the Occupation Forces they then attacked. Soldiers took out the medical aid and stomped it into the ground they took out sugar, flour and other food aid and dumped it out and threw tea gas again at the group. Earlier they shot at a UN convoy. Now they are beating the protestors with batons.