• I received this via email from Eric Johansson. Eric is a veteran who now lives in San Francisco, CA. He served in Special Operations in the Airborne Corps, Infantry Unit from 1989-1992, and is now a member of Veterans for

    Peace and the Bay Area Anti-War Coalition.

    I don’t agree with him on some points (I think war is wrong no matter what.) but I do appreciate his insight into seeing the hypocrisy of most people’s views on war and terrorism. It seems like it is war when the good guys act in violence, but terrorism when the bad guys (or the dark-skinned guys, or the poor guys) do it.

      Although I am a solid believer in non-violence, I have a few questions that I would like to address to the nations of the world:

      I ask how is the Palestinian response to occupation any different than the French Resistance response to occupation?

      If a Jewish suicide bomber had elected to blow up Adolf Hitler in 1935, would they have saved 5 million Jewish lives from being tragically lost later? If so, then is terrorism ever justified to contest an opposing regime with violence at its heart?

      Why is a suicide bomber a terrorist for killing civilians but a soldier who kills civilians is not a terrorist? For if a soldier is not a terrorist for killing civilians, then human morality has declined quite alot since the My Lai massacre, hasn’t it Secretary Powell?

      Why is it that many folks say that punishing all of Arthur Andersen’s employees for the actions of a few is not fair, yet when all of the

      Palestinians are punished for the actions of a few that it is fair?

      Why do we not compensate those who lost their life savings due to corporate terrorists at Enron while we compensate those who lost their lives to international terrorists at the World Trade Center?

      Why is it that if we say Israeli aggression cannot solve the problem of terrorism that the U.S. expects to do any better with their stinking war against terrorism?

      Why is it 3000 American lives lost is more important than 3000 Afghani lives lost?

      Why is it if we, citizens of the United States are so free, have more citizens, per capita, than any almost any other country locked up in prison?

      Why is the Democratic Party so racist against Arab peoples of the world?

      Could someone answer these questions and enlighten me?

      Since it seems the United States has no intention of ending their own fillthy double standards, I urge the world to come together, unify in a vast coaltion designed to isolate the United States and contain U.S. aggression before, YOU, country by country, tragically become the victim of it. Unify in global strength and collective solidarity for peace!!!