Middle East

  • I’ve been doing lots of thinking on the situation in Israel/Palestine, and lots of arguing. It is such a hard situation. Most Christians I know are so pro-Israeli and frankly I think they are wrong. How can you support the usurpation of the native inhabitants of a land?

    Yet, as a Christian I am faced with a very difficult issue? Why did God support that very position?

    In the Old Testament (aka the Jewish scriptures) we read of how God took a people out of captivity (certainly a noble thing that has inspired liberation movements throughout history) into a new land where they conqueor the inhabitants and wipe them off the face of the earth. In some cases (i.e. Jericho) God even instructed them to totally anihilate the inhabitants, including women and children. I don’t know about you, but this is extremely troubling.

    Now fast forward to today. Does God still show that kind of favoritism, and want the people of Israel to have a protected position in their land and to wipe out the native inhabitants of the land?

    I do not think so. The reason I would argue is that the Jesus in inaugerating the New Covenant extended Israel’s covenant relationship to all who would follow Him. This new Kingdom was also different than the previous nation of Israel in that it was a spiritual kingdom and not a physical one.

    There are so many difficult questions here though. I guess I’ll just have to respectfully disagree with those who favor Israel’s position over all others, and have to hold to faith in a Lord who inaugerated a new covenental relationship to ALL NATIONS.

  • My friend Aaron sent me a very fascinating op-ed piece: Opinion Journal: The Hard Way — It’s easier to fight than to pray. So let’s pray.

    Boy this story hit me a like a locomotive. Peggy Noonan is so right here, and makes me wonder how much our efforts to bring peace through politics and war are really just ourselves chasing the wind.